Would you date a guy who is depressed?

What is your opinion on that?


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  • I have, and it really depends I know depression cannot switch off and on however it depends on how they deal with it, he would shut me out randomly and get in a horrible mood, I had no idea what was going on and instead of saying he's having a bad day he left me in the dark constantly. So I think communication is important. Would I do it again? Probably not- if my current boyfriend "one day" suffered with depression and it was an on going thing then I hope he'd communicate with me so I can support him the best I could.

    • Just so you know, your ex, while shutting you out, was in a way, trying to protect you from being sad for him. He might have wanted you to be happy and not brought down because of him. Depressed people do tend to cut off people.

    • I wish that was true but it wasn't he's just also an asshole.

    • Hahaha. You know that better than me. I know depressed people to shut others out, so I thought that might be the reason.

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  • No I would not. I'm everything but a mother or a psychiatrist.

  • I wouldn't

    • Any specific reason?

    • I'm not at all attracted to sadness and negative behavior. He must first like love himself before loving someone else, or the partner might just be there for therapy sessions, so to speak >.>

      IF I knew him before he got depressed though, I would consider dating him. But he mustn't give up, and fight to get out of the depression

  • Yeah for sure.

    • Do you mind sharing a bit more detail on that opinion?

    • Moat people get depressed at some stage in their life - it's not a reason to avoid someone

    • Yes but what if people at an early age (say early 20s) look for relationship for being happy and relationship with a depressed person kinda defeats the purpose?

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