Am I leading my male friend on?

I recently broke up with my boyfriend about 2 months ago. I have been with him for 4 years. We broke up recently because I found out that he was cheating on me with a girl that I thought for the longest time was one of our friends. I have moved away from the city I love to move in with my sister in the next city 2 hours away. I moved to get away from our memories together, the house we lived in had become unbearable and I left school. I love my ex still so much. I had always thought that we would get married after college and be with each other. I still talk to him here and there. I have a new job that keeps my mind occupied but at night is when I cry about him and think of all out wonderful memories together. My friends and family support me in getting me though this break up. Right now I just feel numb and really crappy. I have this other friend from my hometown that recently asked me out.. I think. Before my ex, we had 2 little dates and never really went further than that. I had to go back to college and he went to another college. I met my ex at college and been together for 4 years. This other guy has been a really good friend of mine over the years and have kept in touch with each other. I haven't told my friend from my hometown about my break up but told him I moved in with my sister. It's nice talking to him about everything else besides the reason why I moved.. he didn't ask why so I didn't explain why. Right now, he asked me to hangout. He's willing to come 4 hours to hangout with me. Like I want to hangout with him but it's not like I'm wanting to be in a relationship again or a fling. But I feel weird about it because I still feel like I'm with my ex and doing something behind his back. I know for sure my ex hasn't stopped talking to the girl he cheated on with me cuz I know they have 2 classes together. But I feel weird about this. Am I just overthinking this?


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  • you just need to move on with your life and let others have a chance to come into your life

    • Like him asking to hangout with me, am I just overthinking this? I didn't expect any guy to talk to me or even ask to hangout with me so soon. I'm thinking about this because this guy is willing to do a 4 hour drive to the city I am at to hangout with me. He asked me, "May I ask a question, would it be okay if I came to see you?"

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    • Thank you of your answer. I'm just a little hesitant to why he would come out here to do this. I've thought about that too. My ex wouldn't come down to see me at all. But it's just a little weird because I've liked this guy before years ago. Just never went beyond 2 dates because we went to different schools. Thank you!

    • you went only 2 dates and he still wants to keep touch on the other side your ex cheated shows who was worth

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