Letting go and moving on?

Well I tend to have a problem with letting go of people... Once I'm dating a person I fall for them pretty fast and I can't get up after a break up... Now I'm in a very stupid situation where I'm friends with 2 of my ex boyfriends and im trying to to date this girl I really like... But I'm also trying to keep myself open for them if they decide they want to come back even though im sure that they won't... I'm just still hooked on them and I can't let go and it's giving me problems when it comes to meeting new people... So I don't know if this is a question or whatever but if you feel like it write down your thoughts below and tell me if you had similar problems


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  • It's hard, but I do it always, that I close the "doors" for them , you said you try to keep yourself open for them if they want to come back. I used to do it, but now I just close the door and after that I personally now there won't be any chance now and so there is no reason to holding on. But maybe it's just me :)

    • The thing is even when I decide that its time to close the door there is always something stopping em from closing for good

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    • Yeah I do... It was just something to think about... It's always safer to go for something old and familiar then starting a new thing over again

    • yeah true, but isn't it more exciting to start a new thing, new "adventures" haha
      also I find it depressing explore new areas , bbut also exciting and awesome, it''s worth it, even if it ends bad, because you learn with everystep

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  • Moving on is the most difficult part in your life. i can understand your situation. till date i couldnt move on of my past two relations , a best friend of mine is still hooked up with his ex for past 10 years... some people learn to move on and others don't... and yes this makes things very much complicated. sorry i dont have any solutions to it but i can just say i can relate myself somewhat.

  • its nt as hard to let go ereally as it is to let go of the feelings you have which is a hard part of any situation. all you can really do is try to change your routine a bit. you know do things with the girl that had nothing to with the guys so you will not think on them where you get depressed or distracted.

    like if you liked going to movies , do games or some other 3rd thing with
    the guy , try to change it up and try doing things she likes and let her know some of the things you did with them on a date so she can help with avoiding the sore spots that remind you of them.

    that kind of thing helps in any relationship.

    • i agree somewhat... distractions do help but sometimes somewhat you still feel hooked up in your past. you dont want to think about it but it can just come up suddenly and ruin your present. then you have to go back finding distractions...

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    • Thanks ^^ Its been a long time and it'll take even more but we'll see whats down the road :P

    • yeah and just remember no matter the outcome try to keep the friendship thats more solid than any relationship you will have.

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