Why did my ex let the relationship go but not want to move on?

I never felt like he let me fully in for some reason. When I was with him, he would be very affectionate, like it's just us in the world, wanting to cuddle in bed all day. When I wasn't with him, it felt like he wanted space and had control over when we saw each other. He seemed like a closed book, although I know he is an emotional person because he cried once when he thought I was crying. Once he sort of vanished for 2 weeks, at the beginning of our relationship. Eventually he said he had "no motivation" and was embarrassed to say he couldn't go out cause of money. He said he thinks I came back to him because I know it will get better.

He's a bit of a loner and has never been so close to a girl. In the beginning of the relationship, he kept saying "what am I gonna do with you. What are you gonna do with me?" We'd been out together before and even to my friend's events, but one day he took me out all day - dinner, went for a walk, cinema, for a drink. That was the last time I saw him as his girlfriend. He became 'ill' after that and just withdrew. We broke up after a year because in his words his life is a mess. He does have some issues. His mum died young & he doesn't see his dad's new family, or sister who is in another country.

But we broke up about 11 months ago and he says things like he hopes I'm ok and I look nice in my pic. But he let the relationship go, yet he still contacts me? We've met up 4 times since breaking up. I last saw him 3 months ago and he's never online. After I said I want to move forward, but he wants to keep that contact & know I'm there.


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  • He isn't ready yet


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