Guys, why do you talk down on your ex after a breakup?

Me and my ex tried being friends a few months post breakup but feelings were still involved. He'd purposely say things to hurt me dealing with a female he had sex with during the breakup. He'd belittle me for feeling the way I'd feel. He'd always blame me complaining for why he'd never want to spend time with me and he'd say the reason he says hurtful things is because I antagonize him and it's a clapback. He's childish. I'm not perfect but I always tried to show I care, was always honest, and never gave him a reason to question another guy. Can't say the same for him. I'd try cutting him off but he'd try to change my mind and say he wants to be friends. Me and the girl he had sex with a few months ago got into it and I stopped talking to him that day. He got on social media saying no girl ever kept it real with him and he'd talk negatively towards me to his friends. I even asked for something back from him and he said come beat his ass for him... when a week before he was begging to still be in my life


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  • "Let's be friends" is always a flat out delusional fantasy. I have no idea why it's even said. Get over it and him and cut him completely and permanently out of your life. Block and stop all forms of communication forever. You will not reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after even if he comes sniffing around telling you everything you want to hear


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