Does this look like I overreacted?

This girl and I were really good friends. If there was some mishap and it seemed like one of us was mad at each other we would usually talk about it.

But recently she's been accusing me of avoiding her and being mad at her, but I was busy and I told her this. She accepted it but still seemed kind of passive aggressive towards me.

One day then she is ignoring me and I ask her if everything is okay but she just flips out on me and tells me to go away basically, so I did and I didn't hang out with her for a while.

Then I tell her that I want to make peace but she starts being sarcastic and supposedly gasping at the thought of me being peaceful.

I just text her then and ask if she still wants to be friends with me. She says yes but continues to accuse me of being rude and mad even though I've just tried to make peace. She doesn't even apologize for being sarcastic so I just sent her a message about how it ended this way and I wish her the best future and I thanked her for being my friend when she was, just ending the friendship right there.

Do you think I overreacted? Should i try and make things better with her? I miss her very much but I don't want to deal with her being like this anymore.


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