Ex and no contact?

My ex and I dated a year and towards the end, he started pulling away and apparently getting tired of us arguing so he broke up with me, I was heart broken and begged him back for like two weeks while he acted hot and cold, so I started no contact and the man started messaging me everyday or every other day starting with hey then asking for pictures of us and wishing me a happy Valentine's day and by the third week, he was blowing up my phone begging me to talk to him and getting all upset I wasn't replying. I finally felt great again.. THEN I got drunk, really really drunk and I don't remember anything. Apparently I was passed out in a chair crying over him and someone called him to come get me and later that night he called me and I just kinda laughed it off and acted cool about it but I know deep down I restarted the clock because who knows what I said to him? He started acting uninterested again so I just apologized and thanked him for taking care of me then started no contact again. It's been 5 days since I restarted and he hasn't tried to contact me besides liking an Instagram post. Is it too late? He still seems to still have some sort of feelings for me of course, we only broke up a month and a half ago after a year together. What should I think? I've been going on not serious dates and he hasn't been seeing any other girls at all.


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  • I think you need to leave him alone and to start your life creating new memories for you. I don't think he has any feelings of you in that way but I could be wrong. I know that he cares. he cares enough to want to see how you are doing and hopes that you're okay. I don't think he wants you back but might simply want to be friends and just because he doesn't date doesn't mean he isn't talking to anyone maybe he thought dating just wasn't him for right now.


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