I unintentionally hurt the guy I like, and now I don't think he trusts me. Based on the following, does he still have feelings for me?

I started dating a guy. Admittedly, we both have been playing games with each other since the start. I am terrified of getting hurt, so I have been really aloof with him. He finally broken down one night and said to me that he is having a hard time figuring me out. Do I like him? Am I playing hard to get? Meanwhile, he's also been acting just as weird. I addressed it one night and he told me that he's still not completely emotionally invested. I wanted to take a step back and be friends, but he didn't want that either. I got frustrated and said, okay, so let's be done, but can I make out with you? He clearly was pissed at me for saying that. He finally said, only if you promise me we will be together tomorrow. I said yes. So we made out, then I told him out of being hurt, right after we made out, that I had just used him. He didn't believe me and I stone cold told him I did and walked off. He started to text me in a panic thinking I was joking. The following day I told him that I do want him, but I also need someone to want me too. I told him we should take a step back and that I will still be there for him. He didn't reply. I text him that night and he was very hard saying I had made my choice and that there was nothing between us to fight for anyways. The next morning he text me again, in a much softer tone saying about the same thing but he would still love to see me and wants to start over as friends and see where things go. I told him it would be best for me to close that door for right now, but i want to be friends. But then I asked him how he would say we had nothing there but then also say he really liked me. He said, well that doors closed now so why does it matter? I finally got to a point where I realized how much I hurt him out of my own fears. I've turned a new leaf and am being more honest with him about my feelings. So far it's working, but he's still not warm and fuzzy. He replies to my texts and is willing to see me.
Would a guy just ignore a girl if he didn't want to move forward with her? He also said he's studying for his huge test for work and that he wants to talk once that is over.
I should say too, that I have struggled with him saying we had something and then saying the opposite. That's made me feel really insecure, so it's kind of at no surprise that I have acted out because of that. However, based on this, it seems like he does care but he's got trust issues and is afraid of being hurt.


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  • He's still interested but he is terrified that you're going to run again. He let his guard down, you told him that you would be with him, then stabbed him in the back. For things to be completely right you're gonna have to get used to this for a while, best course of action is to be very sweet to him. I'm not saying to go sleep with him. But guys appreciate sweet heart warming things just as much as girls do. It'll heal him. Pretty quickly too. Good luck

    • Thanks! Yeah, I realized that I need to be completely open with him to gain his trust again. He even told me the night that this all happened that he won't open up to me emotionally until he trusts me, so that's a strong indicator that before he met me he has this issue.
      I appreciate your input, because I do want to the right thing this time, but I also have the slight fear that it would be for not.

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    • Also, with your g/f do you ever push off compliments? I have been trying to compliment him and he sort of brushes it off and actually at one point he sort of attacked me. I was saying how I see how loving he is towards others and how I don't see that in many people, and he rebuddled by saying, well I don't think you give people enough credit.

    • At times I did yeah. I didn't know if she was just trying to keep me hanging on for nothing. Some girls just like to have a lot of guys chasing them.

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