What would you do if your ex or anyone kept staring at you?

so my current girlfriend says I should stare ny ex down till she stops staring at me so we can shop in peace or just keep going to her to buy her & food. my ex is a cashier at our social supermarket​ and stares every time we shop there. it's gotta so bad random people and her co worker are asking me if I known her.


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  • your current girlfriend is childish. just tell your ex to stop doing it so you don't have to involve store management

    • I don't pay her any mind really but think I will do that

    • obviously she is trying to mess with you and current girlfriend

    • she has a boyfriend so thats immature

  • Ugh just ignore such rude behavior.

    • is it really that rude

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    • Because she's rude...

    • I guest so thank u for your time

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