Let over business with my ex... what should I do?

I spoke with my current girlfriend about her we think the best choice to go out for coffee or something with my ex then to see how I feel after we talk. a friend said I should just dump my current girlfriend and bang my ex. I was almost married to my ex 30 months ago but life happened things ended because pf her family.


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  • Omg. No.. you need to find out what you want and go with that person.. dont ever play with a woman's emotions. I would personally leave the ex alone ex's are ex's for a reason.. BUT if you have more feelings for your ex than your current girlfriend? Then you need to break up with her ASAP before more feelings get attached so it is less painful.

    • I don't believe in exes are exes for a reason it's dumb to say so. I got a few older friends who are now happily married to a ex or happily married with kids. so in my opinion people who say ex, s are exs for a reason just can't let go of their past but I can understand if the ex cheated or abused you or if you were in a on n odf relationship.

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    • anyway in your case your 109% right

    • Ha. Thanks.

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  • why can't you date both of them and double the fun? think is bad business discussing ex with current lover i would never...

    • why wouldn't you talk to your current boyfriend or girlfriend about your ex? dating 2 people at once is cheating unless both party's now about it.

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    • only a fact just like the water blue. I was once in a open relationship good bye

    • please go read a book and learn what a fact is

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