I need suggestions on how to PERMANENTLY erase him from my mind!

I made the fatal mistake of liking this guy who is my friend. Normally, I don't allow it to happen but it did and now I need to erase those feelings. I still want to be his friend because he is a good person. If I don't work out these feelings then I will end up hurt- again.

He is in love with a 'ghost," his ex who left him. I thought that maybe he was starting to get over her but he mentioned a song to me. I looked up the lyrics and they APPLY to her. It just disgusts me. He has NO idea that I feel like this.

I was doing really well with turning my feelings off for a month. Now, they have crept up again. I NEED ANY VALID, DECENT IDEAS TO MOVE PAST THIS. He will never love me the way he loves her.



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  • Hang out with your lady friends and/or meet a new guy. This was how my last girlfriend broke up with me and she really moved on. It worked for her and it might for you.


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  • Well, you need to stay away from him for a while and hang out w/other friends and meet other men. The biggest key is to limit your contact with him, look at how he treated his ex wrong, and keep busy w/other friends. Recently went through this myself so it has worked for me and really put the friendship back into perspective. Good luck!


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