My ex went from wanting to stay close friends to not even talking to me, unsure of what to do?

My ex and I were together for 3 years, at first I didn't want to accept that we had to breakup. He said he wanted to stay close friends and that there "might be a chance for us in the future" but he wasn't sure. He just kept getting more distant and I found out he was on apps talking to other girls not even a month after we broke up. It hurt me that he was trying to move on so soon, but I still tried to give him space.

Into the 2nd month after our breakup we would still hang out but it started to feel different. He was constantly on his phone texting and I found out he had been on a date. Not only this, but my girl friend who was using the same dating app as him told me he was constantly online, even into the odd hours of the night. When we dated he always wanted be in bed at the latest by midnight, but now he was always awake. I noticed this on Facebook too. I started to get bothered by how obsessed he seemed, so I finally confronted him through text that it made me feel like sh*t that he was not only talking to other girls but in a seemingly obsessive way, all the while acting like me and him were completely fine. He "read" my text and didn't reply. I texted him again the following day and said "if you got my text, I'm guessing you don't want to talk about it?" And he read that and didn't reply either.

Since then, its been a month and a half and he hasn't contacted me at all. It hurts to feel like I've totally lost a person whom I felt was one of my closest friends only 3 months ago. His birthday is coming up and I really want to talk to him. I miss him, and if anything, I would at least like closure that we aren't ever going to talk again (if thats what he wants). I don't know if I should try calling him or what, but I just want to relay to him that I've accepted that he and I are both changed, we are NOT going to get back together, and I really want to stay friends but if he doesn't its understandable. I guess I just want that "last talk"... What should I do?
I do want to add that my friends and family all have told me I just need to let him go and let this go, but for my own sake really is why I want the closure. I'm not trying to hold on to him anymore. I just want to hear it from his own words that he doesn't want me and him to be part of each other's lives anymore... that would really help me to move on too.


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  • look look the one thing you have to understand is that this whole friendship thing with your ex wasn't going to work cause just like you said he clearly moved on. why does it matter or bother you that is on facebook or a website talking to girls he's not talking to you anymore so that ship has probably sailed away. i dont understand this closure thing guys dont do closure. your family and friends are right you need to take your time heal and get over this guy and movr on with your life


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  • Move on cuz he's not going to talk to you if he hasn't by now


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