Why would you cut an ex you dumped out of your life?

I've never really understood this. Why would you cut someome out of your life that use to be so meaningful to you?

I have two exs I've dumped in the past. Things just weren't working out for what ever reason. After the breakup i would talk to them as much as they needed and reach out here and there to see how they are doing. I cared about them as freinds even after the break up. Even today years after we talk occasionally. I always would feel guilty and try to make the break up as easy as possible for them.

My last ex broke things off because she fell out of love with me. She hasn't reached out at all in months. It doesn't seem like she cares at all. I understand she has moved on. Why wouldent you even show you have cared?

I understand if the relationship was abusive why you would cut them out. If it wasn't why? I've seen this happen with other people as well.
Anyone have stories they would like to share?


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  • its called "moving on". Moving on involves letting go of your past, Elsa. Why would you want someone you had a romantic relationship with (not to mention someone you had sex with) still in your life? and then if you get in a new relationship, you got an ex around that's seen you naked, had sex, shared things and vice versa. how's that suppose to make your new significant feel?


What Guys Said 1

  • Because she's an ex


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