My ex girlfriend of 5 years broke up a month ago went on a date and had sex the next morning... does she still love me? We have children together?

So I was with my ex for 5 years broke up a month ago. We still have contact cause of our kids and like going out for dinners and coffee etc... I took her to a concert for her b day.. had a fun day and night... the next morning we had sex together... does she still love me or just feelings? Will I be able to reunite our family? We broke up cause of bad communication between us... I believe communication can and is already starting to be fixed. .. o ya we were in gaged a month before the break up which she really wanted! I just think she needs to find herself..


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  • Try to spend more time. if she has feeling you will know about it. Communicate more so she knows you are trying. Best of luck 👍


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