Ex Boyfriend problems?

My ex boyfriend won't leave me alone. I blocked him number and all of his accounts on social media but last night he contacted one of my friends sending them pictures of himself topless so that they would send them to me and I keep getting notifications of his calls being rejected by my phone. we broke up because he would keep insisting that we should have sex and I said no 100 times already that I feel disgusted with the idea of doing that. we didn't see each other much ( 1 every 2 weeks) because I go to university in another city and I don't come home very often but when we saw each other he would get jealous over nothing saying I don't want to do it with him because I have someone else and he got mad and called me names for not doing it with him... so I decided to move on but now I feel bad that my friends have to go through this because of him. what should I do? we never sent nudes or did sexual stuff together because I never felt comfortable with him always pressuring me.. how can i make him stop, any idea?


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  • Tell him to stop. Explain that what he is doing is harassment. Say that you'll get the police involved if need be.


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