Should I break up with him?

Ok so I'm 14 almost 15 and my boyfriend is 15. We have been dating for four months. Anyways, he is usually the sweetest guy and always texts me really sweet long paragraphs and we have both said I love you. But whenever we fight he gets really rude. Like he's also really jealous and I am kind of friends with one of his best friends and he gets jealous when we talk and I always have to reassure him that I love him and would never cheat or anything. Then one time he texted me "FUCK HIM AND FUCK YOU" and he started freaking out and ignoring me and at this point I was pissed and was considering breaking up with him and once he realized that, he was like "I love you" and "I'm really sorry for hurting you" and "I don't want to lose you." Eventually I forgave him when he promised me nothing like this would happen ever again. Then last night, we were joking around (over snapchat) and I sent him his own dick pic that he had sent me a few months ago, and he was like "bitch why do you still have that I thought you deleted it" and then I told him to not call me a bitch and he responded with "bitch" and I was like "omg stop." Eventually he said "I'm so triggered that you still have that" and I said "I'm triggered that you don't respect me" and he said "I don't want to do this rn so bye" and I didn't respond. In the morning he apologized and said he felt bad and that it wouldn't happen again but he said that last time, too. He said I could go ahead and break up with him bc I'm too good for him and he said that he's trying to change. What should I do? I'm really pissed off at him but I still love him and don't want to breakup with him but I think maybe I should? Also, I have 2 classes with him at school and don't want it to be awkward...


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