Moving to new school?

So this is going to be the second time I have moved in 1 year. Right when I get settled down with school, work, and a girlfriend, I find out I have to move because my dad got a new job. The town is 45 minutes away and my girlfriend and I don't want a long distance relationship.. Well I love dating because it doesn't make me feel so lonely. When I move to this new school I want to find another girlfriend, but I don't want to seem desperate. Its my senior year... What should I do?


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  • First of all, that really isn't a long distance relationship. Its close enough that you can drive there a few days a week and keep your relationship (im in a "long distance relationship" and he lives almost 2 hours away and it really isn't that bad and I see him a lot!). But really if its too far for you then what ever. But then, just play it cool for about a month or so, find a girl you like and then ask her out. You don't need to find out right away cause you do have to get settled in and find someone first so. Just take your time and don't rush it too much.

  • Well, I am a former military brat so I moved around a lot. I always found it pretty exciting while my older brother dreaded it. Some people have a hard time of letting go while others look forward to new possibilities...

    It's hard not to think you're *not* desperate when you say you love dating because it helps you feel less lonely. It kind of sounds like you would date just anyone and I'm sure there will be some girl in the new school to fill that void...I'm not trying to be "rude" but maybe you should ask yourself why you feel so lonely and how you can make yourself feel less lonely.


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