Was he trying to let me down easy or pushing away for some other reason? Should I be fighting to keep us together?

On Wednesday night my boyfriend and I were texting and he said that he doesn't think a relationship is practical with his schedule (college, work, friends, chores, etc) right now but that he still really likes me and doesn't want to kick me out of his life or anything. I said okay because I want him to be happy even though I still really like him too. On Friday night I decided to call him and told him "what if I said screw practicality... unless you have eyes for someone else I'm not going anywhere." He told me no one had ever said that/ stuck around before but that he needed to think and he'd call me back. I'm trying to give him space/ not message him until he messages me but the suspense is killing me. Any thoughts? Ideas? Tips?


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  • Tips? you might wanna stop the pretense and start doing it for real. If it doesn't work for you, it doesn't work for you.


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  • he doesn't want you for some reason. why would he risk you fucking other guys? perhaps you're the backup girl. Don't settle for that. I don't think he wants you to take the lead but you never know!

    • That's true, maybe I should move on. Thanks for the advice.

    • yeah , probably good to move on. I'm sorry for your pain. and you're welcome.

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