Could my sister's ex be lying to her?

My sister and her ex were together for 4 years, and recently he left her. This caused her so much pain, and she's still hurt and she still loves him with all her heart. Anyway when he gets upset he'll say things he won't mean, and also he has left her before because he felt he wasn't good enough.

Anyway he says he doesn't care, but no person puts their self through 4 years with someone if they didn't. He doesn't admit feelings about anything usually.

I think he still may care, but he doesn't like to admit things, it's not like he had to gain something from pretending to, after all they are in high school, she wasn't buying him overly large amount of things, she wasn't doing anything that he could really gain from for using her, it was a normal loving relationship and they both never asked much from each other. I just don't know what to do, she's destroyed and torn from this, he doesn't realize how badly she was hurt


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  • I do believe he is lying to her. He is in pain and he does care just doesn't want to admit that. I believe that he may not want to be in a relationship right now but he does miss her.

    • It's just, they were together for 4 years, no one puts their self through that long with another person if they never cared for them, no one does that. It wouldn't have been that long if that was the case. She's just in so much pain right now, she truly does miss him and she's truly sad over this. I know people can tell her to get over it, but she was hurt before by people and she really believed he wouldn't leave her like this

    • Right but it happens.. and yes if he never cares he would be left. There is only two reasons behind this either he hates to admit his feelings or he is angry at her. I know she is hurt it sucks I know we all been there. If I was her I would leave him alone and just do things for herself and if he comes back then cool if not then she needs to focus on her and do what makes her happy.

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