Ex is Insane. She made a song where she used my full name and families and posted it. What to do?

Other noteworthy things she has done since our break up.
Called police on me multiple times saying i had a gun and i was threatening people in my house which i didn't.
Destroyed my car tops ( two convertibles in pic)
Stalked me religiously
Faked a pregnancy
Threatened me if i didn't stay with her she would put me on child support for a kid that never existed
Ordered 10 large pizzas to my house saying i would pay in cash.
Countless other things.
I have called police multiple times and gotten documented proof that i called them and whenever i call them they think its some joke like a a man can't be harrased by a woman. As far as i know she has served no jail time.

  • Came outside to see my Camaro in this condition
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  • My 95 celica
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  • Both cars were restored by insurance, had to hide them away from my house after.
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  • She seems to be really obsessed with you, it is sad that if the roles were reversed you would most likely been punished, people do tend to look at the situation a lot lighter when the victim is a male. I'm pretty sure you could sue her for defamation of character if he has said things that are not true about you in the song, I would try to get a restraining order against her and if you can afford it set cameras up around your house. Maybe even call mental health people to check up on her because that behavior is defiantly not normal and sounds like there may be something wrong with her.

    • Thank you so much i will definitely use your information

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    • You should be able to defiantly get a restraining order against her then. And hopefully she will be charged also.

    • hopefully. thanks

What Guys Said 2

  • When men will unite and fight for their rights...

  • That crazy bitch needs to be behind bars

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