Tell me how long you think I've been broken up for? Sounds like a dumb question but hear me out?

So we broke up in July but we talked and hooked up again in September for a couple weeks. then went no contact again until December we talked again for a few weeks. Hooked up a couple times. So now that we are officially "done" this time I sit back and think okay it's been so long it's time to get over it. But then I'm like well has it been since September or since December? I know that sounds confusing but I'm curious what you guys think? It's hard to move on cause we keep reconnecting but this time I'm sure it's really over. But when I beat myself up for not moving on all the way cause it's been so long I remind myself it's only been a few weeks since we talked and 2 months since we had sex. Make sense? Thanks!


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  • if you really want to get over it, don't talk to him again, don't reconnect.. if yiu want sex then u can have one night stand with any one,.. but don't go to him.. that will only hurt you more, and make it hart to move on..

    and yes its been only few weeks since you talked and 2 months since you had sex.. its not so long, so don't worry about it.. that's actually logical..


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