Why does my ex make it a point that I look like deal or say anything about me being unattractive?

Every time I have to meet up with him for our son he always has to say something negative to me. I want peace and to be able to get along with him. It's becoming hard to do so when he's being a jerk. Im thinking it's because I finally left him for various reasons and told him he wasn't for me. I think it's because he feels rejected by me. If that's the case I have no intentions of hurting him. He did a lot of wrong for 2 years. He cheated, didn't appreciate me, took me for granted, never made time for me... I mean I can go on and on. I should of left long ago. Can anyone go e me some insight in how to handle the situation? We have 1yr old son. We have to deal with each other for a lifetime.


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  • Not for a lifetime only till the kid is 18. Nothing you can do

    • people say 18 years. But you share a person for a lifetime. He just not an ex you cut of and never have to see again. There's collage event, birthdays, wedding birth and birthdays if grandchildren etc. Nothing I can do about it? I don't know... I can't just be disrespected and be sweet all the time, but I don't want any problem. But thanks anyways

    • Yes you can cut them out. I did

What Girls Said 1

  • Look your best whenever you meet, and don't listen to him he's just been bitter about the breakup and trying to put you down..


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