Why do they leave?

why do guys say say such sweet things and make all these promises just to leave and act like you never meant anything to them?


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  • The sweet things is so you'll fuck them and they leave when you don't


What Girls Said 2

  • sadly it happens all the time. if a guy seems "too good to be true" he probably is. might just be in it for the sex, gotta be careful about those types of guys.

  • Ask this guy why he hurt you. Maybe he didn't mean to make you feel this way. Try and have a discussion with him. Not every man is the same, and their reasons surly aren't, as well.

    • he won't give me a reason. he broke up with me and deleted me off of everything.

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    • I was upset and told him I didn't want to talk about it right then and there. the next day we went to talk about it and he dumped me

    • Maybe give him a little time.

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