Do I deserve another chance? best course of action?

I have been dating this girl for 2.5 years now, we were really serious and I honestly love her- I was planning on proposing this winter. *However* we had been having some problems lately, I moved an hour and a half away and we were only seeing each other once a week- though it was a good night :)

Last weekend I went on a business trip and stayed with some friends, one of my friends from work stayed up with me (I'm something of an insomniac) and we were watching a movie when she leaned over and kissed me. I hate to use the phrase "one thing lead to another" but we ended up making out and she took her shirt off. Although I did not go all the way (even though I could have) I still felt absolutely horrible the day after.

I waited a couple days to tell my girlfriend because her uncle died, it was actually after the viewing that I had to tell her; we spoke for a little bit and I can't believe how much I've hurt her. I want to make things right, I regret what I did and I know how badly I've messed up, there is no excuse for what I did. She instantly broke up with me saying "I'm not going to be with someone who cheats..." and although I can guarantee I won't do it again I am still a cheater.

Do I deserve another chance? If so, what can I possibly do to make it up to her? I want to give her time, but I'm scared that my selfish lust will forever prevent me from being with the woman I love. What do I... what can I do?
Do I deserve another chance? best course of action?
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