Do I deserve another chance? best course of action?

I have been dating this girl for 2.5 years now, we were really serious and I honestly love her- I was planning on proposing this winter. *However* we had been having some problems lately, I moved an hour and a half away and we were only seeing each other once a week- though it was a good night :)

Last weekend I went on a business trip and stayed with some friends, one of my friends from work stayed up with me (I'm something of an insomniac) and we were watching a movie when she leaned over and kissed me. I hate to use the phrase "one thing lead to another" but we ended up making out and she took her shirt off. Although I did not go all the way (even though I could have) I still felt absolutely horrible the day after.

I waited a couple days to tell my girlfriend because her uncle died, it was actually after the viewing that I had to tell her; we spoke for a little bit and I can't believe how much I've hurt her. I want to make things right, I regret what I did and I know how badly I've messed up, there is no excuse for what I did. She instantly broke up with me saying "I'm not going to be with someone who cheats..." and although I can guarantee I won't do it again I am still a cheater.

Do I deserve another chance? If so, what can I possibly do to make it up to her? I want to give her time, but I'm scared that my selfish lust will forever prevent me from being with the woman I love. What do I... what can I do?


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  • Something like this just takes time. You can sit there and tell her your sorry until your blue in the face but it isn't going to change how she feels right now.

    First off, you need to send her some flowers if you haven't done it already - The more the better, don't be cheap either. If you really love this girl, you'll spend all you have to get her to understand how much she means to you.

    Then all you can do is don't do anything stupid to make her even think that something might be going on with you or someone else. Every chance you have to be with her do it, every chance you have to call, text, email, do it.

    Keep telling her how much she means to you and that you love her truly, madly, deeply and that you don't want to be with no one else, she will never get tired of hearing it.

  • i think everybody deserves a second chance, just tell her it won't happen again, be truthful, as for upcoming trips and/or any other kind of trip, don't put yourself in that position,


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