Why does my ex create drama in front of me?

We brokeup two months ago...
Plus she also gets near me but she's hostile.


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  • maybe she think you are the best audience. that's why see create drama in front of you..

    she want you back. but she don't want to lose her ego too.

    • Cool. ill apologize

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    • sorry bro í forgot. after
      reading many post and commenting on them í forgot. what we are chatting about and what í was going to tell you.

    • oh...
      say sorry.
      but never let your self respect down for someone ego.
      saying sorry do not make anyone big or small. but maybe later when she will breakup you will see and feel that you lost your self respect for a woman who really do not deserve it. it will make you feel very bad.

      have a nice day.
      best of luck.

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  • She wants you back.


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