Why can't I ever get it out and talk to him about our problems and to start over again, why do I forget to do so when I see him?

I keep forgetting to talk to him even put it off for another day, to talk to him, so far it's been 1 year and few months. I keep forgetting when I see him, once I called him and tried to tell him we need to talk, he knew something what wrong he said how about I come by and make dinner spend the day together and talk except I didn't spill the beans. I want to fix our relationship start over make things better make us happy again but I think he needs to move in with me so I could do better and trust him as he works 50-65+ hours a week. I know it will hurt and I am scared to talk about it but how can i, and why can't i? If he says no then I have to move on and end the relationship, I can't take it anymore life is too short and we are not getting younger to keep this circus playing.


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  • Your fear of his reaction is valid. It is never a good feeling to hurt someone who is especially unaware. I am unsure of what you mean by start over? there is no restart button. He obviously is still connected to you if your talking and hanging out. What would talking about problem draw him closer.
    Your mind is confusing yourself and me.

    • Thanks for your opinion.
      Lately I keep telling myself it's starting over because I'm not sure what you call it, but its like as if your starting over, meaning repairs, fighting for each other not against each other and especially not alone, doing the things that we should be doing and should had done instead of just keep doing what were doing. Most times it seems like he was doing all the good and bad work to keep us together and me doing nothing or very little of both. I say most times were just friends, parents, strangers, neighbors even siblings (helping and caring for each other)

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