How does rejected guy feel?

Hi, I like my swimming classmate, we went for a walk after the class, however that was unplanned, he told me lets walk for 30 minutes, and it is ended up to three hours.. we talked about everything, he put his hands on my shoulders, get closer and told me u smile nice, tried to analyze my character, hold my hands.. etc, he asked me if I comfortable, and i was completely fine.. suddenly, he tried to kiss me and I rejected.. i still like him, but he is being formal.. tried to be honest with him as i felt kissing at the first date wasn't the right thing to do.. i mentioned that i had horrible experience in relationship, however i told him confidently that i like him, but i can't move forward to unnamed relationship.. he told me i got rejected.. let me know if i was wrong!


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  • Maybe he's frustrated, maybe he's hurt. "no kiss on first date" seems weird to me, if anything first dates are for first kisses. Probably lost your moment. But anyway, what will you do? At this point he probably gave up on you. If you want him, you need to go up to him and ask him to kiss you, or make it clear you want him to try again, or just give up too.

  • No kiss on a first date? This says you are 30. Unless that is part of your religious beliefs and his, no kissing on the first date means no second date.


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