Is it normal for a guy to get over you in a day, and have a new girlfriend if they were in love with you?

Well me and my boyfriend went out for 5 months and he swore he was in love with me and we broke up and like 2 days later he had another girlfriend...and swore he didn't look at anyone like that.


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  • Well there are 2 possibilities:

    1. He isn't in love with his gf, he doesn't even like her that much, but they're together because he is really trying to get over you. So this only means that he really was in love with you and wants to try in every possible way to forget you. So he's doing his best to fall in love with someone else.

    2. He wasn't really in love with you. Maybe he thought he was, until he discovered himself that life without you wasn't as impossible as he thought.

    Anyway. A guy that is in love with you can't really get over you in a day or two. But having a girlfriend doesn't necessarily mean getting over you.

    Take care & wish you luck.

    • Im trying to do that with a guy but its not really working like its been 6 weeks and I just now started dating again....But its not working out....!!!! Thanks and you too<3

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  • he didn't love you

    if he did he would be a mess

    he probably just wanted ass,and you breaking up with him gave him a chance to find some one who will give it to him...

    he was one of those types who view the girls body as nothin but a life support system for a vagina...


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  • like I always say talk is cheap... he can swear to death he was and love with you for those 5 months but somewhere along that 5 months, he was already seeing someone else aside from you that's y the relationship ended in the first place so he had the instant replacement for u. so it wasn't his heart talking but his penis. LOL. but don't worry hun, you deserve better. not a boy who thinks girls are toys but a man who knows how to break up things in a girl's face when he thinks the party ain't jumpin no more. before he grazes to another "greener pasture". :)


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