How soon is too soon for marrying after divorce?

I'm concerned about my sister who recently got engaged to a man she has known for a year and a half. This guy got officially divorced just this past summer and had been separated for a year before that. He was very much in love with his ex-wife and was sort of side-blinded by her want for divorce. He tried to make it work and get back together with her but that just wasn't what she wanted. Shortly after he met my sister and they've been dating for a little over a year and he just proposed to her this past weekend.

So far i just told her that I am very happy for her, but I snooped his facebook and instagram accounts and his ex-wives account to get all the details of what happened and what I discovered was the same thing as what my sister told me. I know my sister is very in love with him, and she is very excited because it's hard to meet men nowadays but I don't want her to go through with something that she might regret. I suggested that she take things slowly and not rush into anything to ensure he is remarrying for the right reasons. She just moved in with him as well. He has 2 kids from his divorce and shared custody.

How soon is too soon?


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  • You don't say what your found by your analysis of his accounts. Can you clarify a bit?

    • I just found out that he was pretty hung up on his ex-wife for at least a year after she asked for the divorce but I don't know why she did. but from his posts he seemed like he was working really hard to win her back as he was writing a lot about how much he loved her and would fight for her and his family. so that seemed to go on for at least a year after the separation. he's been separated for a little over 2 years and officially divorced since I believe August or September. my sis and him been dating for a little over one year

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    • Oh, without a doubt people are like that. And you're welcome. :) I just hope your sister is ok. I know she won't listen to you, and she certainly won't listen to me. But let's hope she does good. I'm rooting for her! =^.^=

    • aww thank you ;P

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