I really need help. Have I done anything wrong?

i got to know a guy he fell inlove with me and we had just met i told him to try to forget me avoiding hurting him because i wasn t sure of my feelings. I stayed friends with him being the sweetest to hin afraid he ll hurt. Now i m starting to fall for him and i had a friend tell him , he said he s over me and that i should of told him earlier knowing that i had no feelings earlier. But he always tells me he loves me and is such a caring person that s what got me to like him for a first. Now i sort of closed all social media not replying to him or anybody. And i realised that he was so mean in the convo in which my friend told him about my feeling s he didn t even talk to me afterwards that which i did the contrary when he told me about his feelings. Have i done anything wrong? I have a doubt that he s dating somebody that s why he said i should of told him earlier please HELP


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  • You haven't done anything wrong.

    It is good that you didn't start anything with him when you weren't sure. It is good to listen to your own feelings. Of course, that hurt him. It isn't fun to be rejected, but it doesn't mean you did anything wrong.
    Now that you are sure about your feelings, it makes sense that you had a friend tell him. It seems that he is now the one not sure about his own feelings. He told you he is over you but still says that he loves you. That's just weird.

    The question now is, what is the next step. Like I already said, you haven't done something wrong. You now have to decide what to do about this. You could confront him about all this and ask what he really wants. You could also leave things be for now and see if anything changes. The choice is yours.

    • well what i had in mind is to longer open any social media. So if he does care he ll probably get worried and that way he ll realise if he still has feelings or not. Is that a wise choice?

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    • okay maybe after a week or so i will talk to him. Thanks a lot you re great help

    • Glad to help :)

  • you have done right thing. You are also having some feelings. so don't be depressed just be cool

    • technically my problem is that he s no longer interested

    • if u started loving him then u can try talking him... at least he can't egnore u when u will meet him... and if u want to forget him, then start a new and happy relationship

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