How do men not feel guilty/ easily let go?

I met this guy October. We hit it off right away and spent almost every day together. We would go on dates every weekend, do little things during the week like go get coffee, go shopping, watch movies, and grab dinner. He told me he really liked me and began to have feelings for me. He told everyone we dated and the times we weren't together he was always texting or on the phone with me. I didn't get to meet his parents and he didn't meet mine only for the reason we only knew each other for about a month and a half. He then ended things with us stating he believed we were in two different stages in life, me being 19 and him being 25 also I think me being a virgin played a part in it even though he said he liked it. When we ended things he cried and told me he cares for me and has feelings for me. After that night we didn't talk for a while however, we began to snap chatting and replying to each other every day almost. Then one night I ran into him when I was out. He insisted he came home with me and asked me to sleepover. However, we just talked regular for a while kissed and I left. We spoke after that again snapping each other until a couple of weeks later I found out he was talking to another girl. I cut off all contact and he still snapped me for a while until I guess he got the hit that I knew about her. This weekend I ran into him out with that girl and he just stared at me and I didn't say hello. I texted him the next day how hurt I was and he didn't answer. I don't understand how someone can share secrets, all that time together, cry while breaking it off, say they care and have feelings for you, and then not care when they hurt you. Do you think he will ever feel bad for not answering me? Do you think he will ever come back? I felt so connected to him and I feel heartbroken.
We dated for 2 months saw eachother a month after and now its been a month in a half and he's moved on however, during those periods we never fully lost contact.


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  • Well technically he didn't do anything wrong. He broke things off with you, leaving him free to pursue other people. I think your hurt because you though some rekindling the relationship was going on but the fact is he just missed and wanted to see you despite being involved with the new girl.

    Not all guys can move on so quickly, but many people can (men and women) that's why the term "rebound" was formed for these quick turnarounds.

    • You are right thank you! he didn't do anything wrong however, how can one be so involved and "care and have feelings" for someone, cry, and then just ignore and pick up with another girl. We only dated for two months but almost spent everyday together.

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  • Not all men do this. Some are very effected by these things, but won't let it show. Some think it's a sign or weakness to do so.

  • Men and women aren't different on this. Don't let your personal experiences tell you different

    • From my experience people move on at different paces. I've been on the receiving end of women who've moved on just like that, and a few times been the one to move on quickest...

  • not everyone can let go easily..


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