Do you feel guilty when you lose feelings for someone who likes you a lot?

It could be someone you're dating, someone you have a serious relationship with, or a crush. Do you worry about hurting their feelings when you lose interest?


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  • yes :/


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  • As a woman, I genuinely feel guilty about everything even buying junk food. (Guilty Pleasures) however, when it comes to losing an attraction for someone it is what it is. There are many reasons you do. For example : If the other person seems to be losing interest themselves.
    I may take into consideration how they make me feel. Having an attraction goes many ways. It doesn't have to be physical. It could be you're attracted to their straightforwardness, the way they make you laugh, enjoying their company. Possibilities are endless. If then I lose that attraction for someone, it means I'm accepting of how they feel themselves. I'm accepting of who they are as a person, yet, it's clear that we desire more similar traits and interests, that one person may give and yet it doesn't cover everything. We're moving forward, and that's how it should be. There is no guilt or shame in that, and simply noticing who you are and what you'd like to currently focus on in your life, is far courageous than you could imagine.


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  • hmm... í don't understand...
    why people enter in a relationship.
    when they know they are still no prepared.

    if í love a person, then i will never lose interest in her. becuase i know one girl is enough for life time...

    people lose interest because time changed or anything like that. but the truth is they never loved each other...
    they only used each other...

    ever thought how you will feel..
    if someone love you more than anyone and anything done everything and one day he will say...
    baby... í lost interest in you. please get out of my life.

    well now a days love is just a word and relationship is nothing more than a game..

    í hope you got the answer.

  • another toughie... talking of myself... sure I would a little bit.

  • yeah :(


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