Young soul or need to change?

I view myself as a young soul with a mature mind. I love to have fun drink smoke go out. Not all the time tho. I work 60 to 70 hours a week. When I come home have a couple drinks maybe smoke some pot and relax. All with the girlfriend. She only drinks.

She packed all her stuff today and left saying I see friends too much and drink and smoke too much. My mature side says we are our own person and can do what ever as long as it's not hurting either of us. She wants me to quit the friends drinking and smoking. She has the mind of kids and marriage. We are only 22!

Not asking to take sides but opinions. I feel I lost her but not for all bad. She's a great girl I just don't know if it's the one for me


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  • You're on different pages. You don't belong in a relationship together. You want different things. Nothing wrong with that. But compatibility and timing is everything.


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