Does he miss me and possibly want to get back together?

So my ex and I recently broke up in February. It was my fault, I had been lying to him about something and though I came clean; he was very hurt and felt he couldn't continue the relationship.

Now a few days ago he sent me a text message saying, "how are you?"

I was pretty excited inside and replied and never got a reply back. So instead of texting him again I decided to just leave it alone. But literally an hour ago he texted me again saying, "what's up?"

I'm not sure what this means but it's pretty confusing.


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  • Can't actually say what is in his mind... But there are some possibilities... Some of them being... 1. He regrets breaking up 2. He totally misses you 3. He just wants to know how you are taking the break up 4. He misses having someone close to him...


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  • He doesn't want to get back together. He misses having someone

    • He doesn't miss me, he misses the idea of me.

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