Is it a smart idea or a really bad one?

so I always wanted a 2nd chance with my ex for as long as I can remember. its been 2 years since we out break up and this thought never gos away yet am a lot more happier now? so after some so searching I feel like just jumping into a relationship with my ex really wouldn't be smart. I feel like I should keep working on myself, and talk to my ex girlfriend as a friend to build back up trust while seeing what else is out there. then if nothing changes while am doing this I'll move on or give it another try but I just feel you gotta have truest to date someone even more so a ex so I gotta get to known her agin... She may not be the girl I almost married anymore. sorry for spelling mistakes


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  • just stick to working and focusing on yourself. you'll find the right woman eventually

    • not really the question but tks for some input

    • cus you already answered your own question. you're welcome

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