Should I break up with my boyfriend? Will guys say painful words if they love someone, just to threaten her?

We've been dating for more than a year now, whenever we had a fight he wants to break up with me, he storms out of the house, and since I'm afraid to loose him, I always text him and explain why he shouldn't get angry, then not long after that he came back. And we didn't break up, it happens more than five times now, I lost count , I feel tired, if he loves me and doesn't really want to leave me, why should he say those words? He said stuff like, I regret that we ever got together, I'm getting uncomfortable with you now. And if don't obey what he wants he'll say fine I will find another woman that wants to do it. He wants me to feed him, massage him. He has his own house, but he came to mine everyday, I told him I'm not comfortable you spend the night everyday it's like you're living with me. ( I rent a room, I'm a college student, he doesn't even pay the rent) , when I said to him, what if I move closer to your house so you wouldn't have to sleep here everyday, he gets mad and said we should break up because I will find another girl so I can stay at her place. What? Does he love me? he is always snooping around my phone, he asks me everything, why did I use the camera, what did you want to take a picture, why did you open this app? He is very posessive, I deleted all my social media accounts, just to avoid arguments with him, he does not like me chatting with my guy friends, He'll say why do have to talk so long with him? He never says I love you. He said it in texts though, sometimes. Besides the negative, he is also has a good side, he helps me with laundry, takes me to grocery shopping (because I cook for him), takes me to see the doctor. But whenever I'm tired and I want to rest and I don't want to feed him or massage him, he'll get angry he said I drove you everywherr you go, why can't you massage me? ( he never massages me btw). I am just so confused does he love me or does he wanted to take advantage of me?


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  • next time you guys have an argument just let him go and don't ever take him back and block him out of your life for good. you don't need those kind of people in your life


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  • He's a drama queen.

  • Just drop his ass already

  • Girl, you're only 19 and you do stuff for him...

    • But if a man massaged his girlfriend and fed her, you women would be like "aww he's such a keeper". Double standard

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    • Just keep in mind that when women get the wrong side of a double standard, they cry and moan and make a big deal about it. When a guy gets the wrong end of a double standard, you just say "lmao" and don't even care. That's why people hate women. Goodbye

    • Okay, whatever, there are a lot of reasons why people hate men as well. Lol I'm okay, but once again thanks for care lmao

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