How To OverCome A Breakup?

I'm not good with breakups, and my depression on top of that doesn''t help. My first ever break up was TERRIBLE, I wouldn't eat or sleep or sometimes I would eat too much. My grades would drop, to the point where I was a C+ average. I've gained some weight from that experience. This time, I'm the one breaking up with someone, but I still fear that It's gonna be terrible. All of my breaks up take months to get over. I fear that I won't be able to get enough food or sleep. And I would spend much time thinking about something I regret doing in our relationship or grieving over the breakup. I have no other options , but to break up with him, If there was I would take it. But this for right reasons, but how do some people overcome it so easy. I see guys break up with their girlfriends, and then get laid the next day ( no offense to you guys, only some of them do it ) . I see some people making plans for themselves in the future/hobbies. I've got none of that, I have many different hobbies but there like a worn out record. Setting my goals for myself is a terrible idea, because 95% have failed. That most thing I'm concerned about is my grades dropping, it always happens when I'm going through a tough time.


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  • I have been through 3 serious breakups.. and trust me. i did 4 things that helped a lot.

    1) I made myself busy.. made a routine.. went gym.. studied for my exams.. went dance classes. etc. helps... spend time with friends who don't bring up the break up everytym ur mood is low..
    2) Replacement theory.. as i call it.. when i go through a break up.. i talk to random people from the opposite sex.. like right now.. m going through a break up.. i added some random people on my facebook account and i chat with them.. making new friends.. adding new people to fill the void that person created helps a lot.. trust me.. This helps the most.
    3) Create new memories.. dis is somewhat stupid.. but works for many of my friends.. if you went on a movie with him and it matters to you a lot.. then go for a movie.. trying to create the same consequences.. d same show timing.. n everything but with someone else.. a friend or some random tinder guy.. similarly if his touch comes to you as a flash back.. be a touchy person.. make a lot of physical contact from now on while talking to people.. we change for a person and that why it hurts when it ends.. so change again.. it won't hurt..
    4) Start dating.. try.. don't have rebound relationships etc.. but try dating.. u l realize there are many better than him.. n u l slowly get over the break up phase.


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  • after my first breakup my condition was even worse than you...
    that's why i stopped entering into a relationship...

    now all í do is focusing on my dreams ( well í call them my goal ).

    after a breakup try to look good and great party etc and after breakup girls cry and all...

    but the things completely change after a month or more... totally opposite ( when relationship is serious ) ...
    just becuase guys never share there emotional feeling and girls share there...

    overcome... hmm girls are good at that ( not all but most of them are )...
    spend more time with your friends and family and focus on your dreams and getting good grades. watch movies eat choclates and ice creams...

  • Time.


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  • Keep yourself busy.

  • Hang out with family


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