Are they lying about dating each other?

So my crush (sort of) and this pretty girl (she's not mean). The girl's friend whom i talk to told us that her and the guy, my crush, are dating. BUT, him and this girl never hanged out alone. Like they dont seem flirty around each other. They dont sit together in class like ever. And he doesn't act like he likes her. He acts like he likes this other girl and i thought these two would be in a relationship before this month ends. But apparently not. The girl and my crush do talk but she talks him like how she talks to everyone.

I just dont see a special connection. Like there's no spark. I never would have expected they're dating each other. Like i would never have thought. He's flirty with other girls too.

Are they pranking us?
Are they actually dating?
If they are dating, why aren't they acting like they like each other? Or at least sit together in class or something? Or walk and talk alone?

PS he's not really my crush anymore. I saw his true colours.


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  • I am confused. Why don't you ask your crush what is the situation?

    • Because its really weird for someone you never talked to to just randomly ask you if your fake dating someone

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    • Alright, thanks.

      Im not sure if you count this as a development, but him and the girl sat together on our first period, but it looked like they were just friends. Not even friends actually, just two people sitting together. Thats the only time they acknowledged each other's presence all day. For the rest of the day, they didn't interact. And the guy seemed down on our last period.

    • I think that they are just normal friends. They have no intention of being in a relationship.

What Girls Said 2

  • If he's not your crush anymore then don't concern yourself with whether he's dating or not. It's just causing unnecessary drama. You're better off to find a new crush you'll date you and won't act like you're not dating like this guy does with his supposed girlfriend.

    • I know. But i just can't help being curious. They just really dont look like a couple but they say they are. Its so confusing.

  • Maybe, they're fake "dating" to make someone jealous. It's also possible that they don't like PDA (public displays of affection). Or, her friend may be lying but I don't know why she would lie about it.

    • I'm thinking they are fake dating, well maybe, but im not sure why. At first i thought maybe an early April fool's prank, and they'll "break up" on April fool's day. But who could they be making jealous? It really was all a surprise. No one knew about it. It was only brought up today, like there wasn't any teasing of the two crushing on each other before that.

      Even if they dont like PDA, shouldn't they still like walk around together? Things like that even tho theyre not kissing or holding hands

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    • If you say, it seems like he liked someone else, maybe he is just settling for this girl and doesn't really like her. Maybe, that's why they aren't all lovey dovey. But, some couples just don't want people in their business because people like to cause drama. So, it could also be that.

    • Yeah.

      If i was dating a guy in high school, i would keep it a secret between us and deny that we're together if we're caught. But i wouldn't mind sitting next to him or overly talking, just not holding hands etc. My reason would be because people are nosy and i dont want everyone knowig if we had problems and stuff

      I dunno if this is what theyre doing though

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