Why does my ex hate me?

me and my ex broke up a year ago since then I've been to her house twice. Each time she ignored me and pretended I wasn't there, the last time I promised myself I would ever go back to hers again. I used to use her Spotify account, when she saw on snapchat I'd bought a new car she changed her Spotify account password, literally minuets after viewing my snap (Mercedes) (this was about 3 months after break up, I didn't drive before) She subsequently unfollowed me from all social media etc. About 8 moths post break up I got into a new relationship, she saw through her sisters snapchat who followed me, she then messaged me saying how dare I have a girlfriend etc. I responded politely and said we were together a long time ago and you made it clear you had no interest in being with me. Recently, I went on holiday with this new girl an she got her younger sister to remove me from snap. Non of my snaps were in appropriate just planes, business lounge etc. Add I wasn't doing to well financially when me and my ex were together, fresh out of uni. I'm in a much better position soon after break up. Also, is it weird that I still talk to her mum? The reason we broke up is because I was living abroad doing a grad program, and had emotionally cheated with an ex in the first year of our relationship (the ex messaged her when we broke up and said she was sorry if she was to blame, it was only talking and never physical etc) we were together 3 years. I left the country I was doing my grad program in with 9 months because I wanted to focus on her. I messaged her as I sat in the airport because I missed my connecting flight, to tell her I'd be on the next one arriving at x time. She replied saying... I can't do this, followed by an essay. I've never been so hurt. The thought of it still hurts now, but hey. I'd already left the job and country.


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  • It's your ex. Stop worrying


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