Tips to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back

I'm looking to see if anyone has some tips to get my girlfriend back. she just dumped me out of the blue and I don't know what to say to her. she said something like "we should take a break" or some bs like that. I found some good tips on link so I don't need more "tips" ... I want something specific to say to her.. any ideas?


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  • well I order to come up with something to say to her you have to realize why she is breaking up with in the first place. Is she bored? Is she seeing someone else? Is she going through a lot and would rather be alone? If this is a girl you are willing to change for then find out what is bothering her and address it. But sometimes, people just leave one another (sorry) and it might be hard now, but you'll find somebody better who loves you for who you are. Offcourse, you could always just stand outside her window with a boom box or something :)


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  • Okay first I would figure out the problem, and try to make sure it won't happen again. Such as her feeling not appreciated, having interest in another man, and so on. You have to figure it out your self and make sure you can get her back in. Make her want you back!

    It sounds stupid if she has someone else in mind, but why would she if she liked you? that means someone else is doing something that makes her mentally happy. Something went wrong and before you can get her back you need to know were you failed so to speak. Then fix it! No matter how long it takes make sure you fix it and then go try to woo her again. start all over but I suggest get something physically different but something that makes you feel good and you would enjoy. Hair cut, new outfit, ect. This way she'll mentally think you're different and the higher the chances. It sounds cheap but it could help big time. and if you want more tips email me if you want.

  • Why would you want to get back together with someone who just hurt you by breaking up with you randomly?


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  • Tips for getting your f***ing EX-Girlfriend back.

    #1 She’s your f***ing EX for a f***ing reason idiot.

    #2 Sorry I just had to get that out, you’re not a f***ing idiot

    #3 Ask yourself why you want her back make a list of all the negatives and f***ing positives of having her around.

    #4 If the f***ing (+) out weigh the ( – ) then redo the list because you’re f***ing lying and aren’t thinking with your man brain, stop thinking with that stupid p**** @ss heart, that @ss hole will get you in troble and hurt…

    #5 If you’ve made it through the list and find that she's the one for you, ask yourself this, “dose she feel the same way about you? Just because you want her back dose not mean she wants you back.

    #6 Some things just don’t workout, but if you’re so sure then give her a call.

    # 7 If she dose not want you back accept it, don’t go trying to prove your f***ing love and stupid sh*t like that, you’ll end up in jail and then you’ll have to worry about Bob who’s 300 pounds wanting a relationship with you as well

    #8 recovery, it’ll take some time, so pick up a hobby, like drinking for example..(no but really drinking is bad for you and never diver.)

    #9 Just chill, I know when you feel like you’ve invested so much time and energy in a relationship you just can’t let it go, but remember time is endless and energy is regained.

    #10 SNAP THE F*** OUT OF IT! But if you really feel that she's the love of your life then go for it…


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