Should I move on or try to work this out?

My boyfriend lately been ignoring me he's on Facebook flirting with other women he didn't say he was breaking up with me directly but he posted i guess im met to be single with a crying emoji i notice he act like a boyfriend when he wants some but if not he cusses at me ignores me flirts with them i texted him 3 times what's wrong and a email no reply for nothing its been 5 days he won't tell me whats wrong what's the best thing to do i told him i had a miscarriage with our son he reply oh wow then i asked what should i name him no reply 💦😡😨😢😕


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  • just leave him alone if he so called loves you he will show you in every thing he does if not he's no good it going to be hard but trust me you will move on

    • Thanks😢 im glad i met you its good to gave people in your corner when you hurt

    • right same here I hope I held u out 😊

    • You did ☺

  • Did you really have a miscarriage or just told him that?

    • I did. He left me alone while it was happening with our son he died in my womb he didn't do nothing😢

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    • I so sorry, that's absolutely horrible! It sounds like you need to move on right away, this guy sounds like a total jerk. Best of luck

    • Thanks he is terrible

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