Guys, I'm travelling half of the world to see if I could get my ex back. it would be really appreciated if anyone of you could help me?

My ex and I had a 1.5 year long distance relationship. He's in UK and Im in Australia. We met in UK and he kissed me the first night he met me (at friend's birthday party). Then I went crazy for him and seemed like it was always me pursuing him. I am more open and straightforward person while he always keeps things to himself. I constantly told him that I loved him but he said it was overwhelming. He only said he loved me like once in a couple of months. But one day we had an argument he said on the phone "you think I don't love you? If I didn't love you, I wouldn't think of moving to Australia for you".

Then I found a good job & asked him to move over (he had no job for 2 years after his master degree). I even said I'd financially support him. He promised when he visited me for a month in September 2016 (probably more because I was pushing him). He went home and 2 months later he flipped and said he couldn't leave his family and friend behind. Then he wanted to break up. The reason was a bit blurry. Firstly said he really should get a job but coming to Australia with a temporary visa will destroy his career. Then he said he was always in doubt about us and he couldn't see our future together. Finally, he said we are not compatible. The breaking up went on until January 2017. We both were very hurt and cried a lot. In late January I called him and begged him. But he said he's already moved on and no longer loved me. Then I didn't contact him for 2-3 weeks. But kept updating my facebook with lots of social activities.

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When on Vantine's day I texted him happy Valentine's day. I didn't want to say anything more but he texted a lot about what he was doing and asked me how I was. I kept the conversation very short.
After another 2 weeks, I contacted him again because I was wondering why he was still on facebook when it was 2 am. We talked like good friends but there was no flirty stuff involved. Two days later I messaged him and asked if he found anyone yet. He said "I'm not looking. Perfectly happy to be single at the moment and just focus on working on myself."


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  • Save yourself some money and additional heartbreak and stay home. You have to face the fact that the relationship is over. Period.


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  • for me, its useless insisting yourself for the one who can't love you back anymore. its not love when its only one sided. sad, but you have to accept the fact that he has fell out of love and it could happen. better way to do now is to decide whether to keep befriending with him, hoping for another chance of sparks that i think is blurry for the moment coz he's enjoying being single now OR move on, love yourself more, do what you love doing, keep yourself busy and good person with good heart will eventually meet another soul in the way.


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