My ex and I are in the same friend circle?

I was broken up with on Sunday night (you can see my last post about it, surprise surprise, those comments were right) and I realise now I am kind of f*cked. See, he was my friend for three years prior to the relationship, and we have the same friends (Our circle is about four or five people). He was also supposed to come with me and two other dudes on a spring break trip and while I'm cool with being friends again he's so far avoided me so I don't think he is (yet). What do I do about being friends with our mutual friends if he's always with them and I can't function properly being near him?


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  • You have to force it, you can't lose your friends. Even if you have to message just 1 or 2 of them to be with you and do stuff.

    Your ex will learn to be an ex, and sooner or later will be a friend.

    Avoid isolate yourself, ok? do not even think about stopping contacts.
    You can ofccourse try to make more new friends, and you should, but dont abandon your past, because new friends may be hard for you to get and you may get depressed if you stop relating with people.


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