I stole girl from her boyfriend of 5 years. She still love she him. But keeps comming back to me for sex?

Met a girl in class. She's very hot I ended up DMing her and I took her on a date and we hooked up the first night. She ends up being engaged to this guy and loves him but keeps having sex with me. 4 months later she wants to go back and keeps having sex with me instead. Now I just said I don't trust her and she block so me on everything and ignores me. What do I do? We agreed to be friends with benefits because the sex is absolutely amazing but now I'm blocked for going off on her for ignoring me 2 days.
I forgot to mention, she left him for me. I was to stupid to realize that no matter who you are, a girl can't just love two people at the same time like that. Eventually karma comes around I guess


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  • i say ditch her. Sex is easy enough to find- but just think about the dude on the other side of the situation. Do you think he knows that she's two-timing him? If i were you, i would have stopped messing with her once i found out about her "love". She doesn't seem like she knows what she wants, and being involved with someone like that can be seriously draining, constantly leaving you wondering where you stand. I dont think she's worth your time. Respect yourself and that poor other guy and leave this cheater behind.

    • Very good point thanks for giving me a girls side that helped a lot!

  • Slut

    • i thought the Hispanic girls were suppose to be loyal lol what is this world

    • Trust slutty women come in every race, shape and color

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  • Ditch her. If I understand this correctly, you were her side guy from her boyfriend of 5 years.

    Now let's ignore morals.
    I'm going to assume sex between her and her boyfriend is fantastic, because they've had the time to really figure out what works and what doesn't, and can assume she was having sex with you for 'variety'.

    we can also assume that the majority of what she's told you, in any conversation, is mostly a lie, or filtered at least so she doesn't get caught within a week, or can't get busted by you if she screws you over.

    It sounds like you knew all of this, but decided to still go off at her for ignoring you for two days...

    What did you expect being the side person was?
    Getting upset that you didn't get enough attention for two days? If she was with her partner through that time, she would be expecting you to be silent until she wants you again, so that's plenty of reason for her to cut you off completely.

    You don't need someone like that in your life.
    She doesn't need someone like you in her life.

    Most likely, she's gotten bored and found someone else to fulfill her need for different bodies than her partners.

    Just don't go for people who are in a relationship, it's dirty, cowardly and very low. The only person of worth would be the victim.

    • Thanks for such a detailed response I am happy to let her go now!

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    • I wouldn't say you were responsible for "ruining" their lives. Although it sucks that you continued with her once you knew she was engaged or whatever, she made the decision to give you her number , go out on a date with you, and sleep with you. Was the morality of your side questionable? Yes. Were you the one in a relationship when you slept with her? No. So if anyone is responsible for ruining her life and her fiances, she can blame herself. People always want to blame the "side hoe" for ruining a relationship, but the majority of the blame should go on the person who chose to cheat on their spouse in the first place.

    • @hk2261 wow I feel much better about it. Your eyes right 🙂

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