Why does my ex do this?

unfortunately, i have to see my ex a lot. after telling me he wants nothing to do with me refuses to speak to me when he sees me, all the sudden he's starting to pick and choose when wants to ask civil. One day he won't even look at me, the next day he'll try to make small talk, then the next day he's back to pretending I'm not even there? What is this? Its like everytime I think im getting a head with moving on he plays some sort of game with me? any help?


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  • he is not playing games with you he is just trying start conversation with you again and trying spend some time you but he is so afraid of being rejection and afraid to lose his self-respect after all you were once in a relationship

    • if you are also interested in him than let him make a move or you should make a move

    • That's possible to but we dont know what type of person he is. he can try to have a relationship again, or he cab just be a jerk. she knows him best and can decide what's better.

  • well, he may still feel something for you and can't get over it, and keeps trying to keep you close but not to close, or he is just being a jerk who wants to fuck with your feeling. 2 years ago I've done this thing to... and I feel bad for it now because that girl was sweet and I was a jerk.
    my opinion is that you shuld try to talk with him for the last time and ask him what does he want, try to pretent that the things he's doing are not affecting you. Don't show him that his atitude and actions are afecting you, that may add fuel to the actions he does. just ask him what's his plan and why is he doing that because is a waste of energy for him.
    if you find something out I'm glad to help you out more!

  • i am free and avaliable anytime.


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