How do I stop a break up?

Me and my SO are close to a breakup. We both still have feelings but he thinks he has changed and isn't sure where I can fit into his life. Or if he should b alone.
How do I save our relationship


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What Guys Said 1

  • let it pass. if something is meant for you, it will definitely find a way back to you.

    • So give up on the relationship and hope u comes back to me later?

    • If he really loves you so much he surely will. 👍 when something is with people, people take it granted, and when it is gone they will know the value of it. Let time answer your question.

What Girls Said 1

  • So the thing is, we all change. Being in a relationship means trying to change and grow together. I also don't understand what he means by 'fit into his life'. It almost sounds like he's not sure if he likes you anymore or if he thinks he can find someone better.


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