Is she trying to get my attention or is she feeling guilty?

Hi peeps!

just need a bit of help here I'm having trouble understanding what this girl is doing, I have had trouble with her she lied to me about being with someone and basically told me to move on as she has already moved on. I told her I was upset in what she done as we had a massive argument in regards to this I spent money on her and after this and after I found out she had lied to me she kept saying sorry she's moved on sorry she done this. I decided to completely cut all contact with her after a text I sent her last week in which she was trying to help me make my business run smoother? Once I ignored the last text and decided to move on and just leave it there I started moving on with my life and learning to fly and generally improving my life, I posted pictures on Instagram not thinking anything of it, and after a week of no contact she liked my picture at around midnight then unliked it? Know why would she do that? now before anyone says it I know she is much much to discreet to just do it by accident as I have had these issues before with her so why would she like and then dislike my picture of my ambition for my future job and be so caring with my business? Also she seems to be appearing on work emails as well when before she was very quiet? Any questions guys I'm moving on after she told to but why do these things if you asked me to move on?


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  • She could also be playing mind games, the liking and disliking of the picture. Trying to emotionally control you even after you broke up. Honestly, I would suggest you to not give it further thought, assume that she magically found an interest in work e-mails and in the company, assume that she misclicked the like button for the photo and just move on.

    • Just why would she do that though I told I didn't want to be friends and just left it at that she's posting on her Facebook how apparently she loves this new guy which I have heard through others and she told me to move on why do these things and even bee looking at my stuff if she's so busy with her new man?

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    • I do wonder why many girls do that though. I think it's because we're taught to encourage the attentions of the guys we like or do things to get their attentions, but we're never taught that it's okay to just tell them. From the cliche dropping an item in front of him to the modern look at him (hope he notices you're looking, what happens if he doesn't notice?) and then hold his gaze. Even many modern, how to flirt with a guy (which really translates to how to get his attention) list eye contact and smiling, but it takes two to establish eye contact what do you do if he doesn't look at you, and we smile at everyone so how can he tell we're smiling specifically at him? I do also wonder why some guys are bad at communicating, I think it's the communication of emotions that can be difficult because emotions = vulnerability but I'm not sure. But yeah, there are good and bad communicators on both sides.

    • I do agree with you on everything dating is so hard without communication as well just these games block love and let it slip away!
      She was doing other different stuff today as well like walking past me on the way to the end of our warehouse with one little packet then walking back she never normally done that she just avoided me or went the other way, it's like she there wherever I turn and I'm just trying to move on you know it's weird she hasn't been in our warehouse for weeks now all of a sudden she drops off a packet to then of the warehouse past me it's weird

  • She's just curious. Doesn't mean she's interested

    • The thing is why like then unlike then surely she should of just let it be the liking and unliking of Instagram?

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