She feels vulnerable?

So pretty much I've know this girl for 6 months and we both fell in love but it didn't workout the first time because she wasn't ready for a relationship and we had lots of arguments.

3 months down the line we hit it off again and we both improved our ways so we wouldn't argue as much as we both knew how much we meant to each other this time round.
So we were seeing for 2 months before we started dating and things were great for first two weeks and then we had an argument which was my fault and I really upset her. I Just acted like a dick and treated her unfairly. She ended up breaking up with me because she felt vulnerable about being so in love, and when I wasn't around she would feel upset because she missed me? She hated depending on someone else to be happy.

We had a talk and sorted things out and I asked for another chance to prove things but she said she wants to go a step back before the dating. She sees dating only as a label. She said she loves me and nothing has to change with how we act. She's not interested in other guys and is aware of the connection we have that's different than we both have ever experienced. I mentioned leaving and she said she would understand that but would hate to see me go.

I've read all about this fear of depending on someone else, making relationships more difficult because they're e building walls to protect them. She's had a few bad experiences with past relationships and that's partly to blame why she's like that.

I don't need a relationship but if I'd see her with someone else it would hurt a lot. Should I just stick around and maybe one day we will realise that we're either made for each other or not?
What should I do?
Obviously yous will see the whole story differently than me which is why I want your opinion.
Or is she not interested in being with me?
She's never been one to lie, we have been open about everything and currently things are like they were before, just no label


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  • I mean, it sounds like she basically wants to date but without the label of dating, and since you 'don't need a relationship' I'm not sure what the dilemma is. If it lasts then you'll just be a long term couple without a label or the couple that lives together and is basically married but isn't married? You say it would hurt to see her with someone else so clearly you like her and she says she loves you.

    I think it does depend though, I also find dependence on someone else to be terrifying because your happiness is tied to someone else and you can't control their actions so they may do things that hurt you. The thing though is, you can not put a label on it but it doesn't change what it is, the emotions and attachment and dependence will still form.

  • If you can be, just be patient and let her adjust


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