Can you be completely happy with someone but still be in love with your ex?

Ok so I have been broken up with my ex for 2 months now and I met this girl and she's a great girl to be around with she's caring and shows interest I like being around her and makes me feel happy we have sex and all like a full on relationship BUT I still feel a connection to my ex. Im not going to lie I still love her! But she's in a new relationship and I respect it so I did the same thing she did, I moved on. My question is do you think it's right being with someone even though you still love your ex or is it just to get my mind off her?


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  • I don't know about inlove, I feel ike anything is capable but its whether you believe you're actually happy with this person or you're using them as a buffer till you're over your ex.

    • TBH I feel like I am over her even though I miss her at times. And this girl is really fun and cool to be around I've done more adventurous things than I've done with my ex that's where my happiness comes from

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