Will ex miss me more and come back?

So my ex broke up 3 months ago, i went no contact and he didn't contact me.. 2 weeks ago i hung with him with mutural friends and after that he texted me that he missed me a lot but didn't want a relationship again, i still have feelings so we decided to go NC again.. do you think he will contact me? And regret breaking up?


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  • I don't think he's going to contact you since you guys decided to go NC again but he just wanted to let you know that he missed you when you guys hung out together recently. If he regrets breaking up with you, he would've contacted you by now. Just being honest. He said it himself: he saw no future with you. He doesn't want a relationship with you. Don't let your heart hurt more than it should. You have to stay strong and don't get feelings for him again.

    • But he is jealous at other boys and says it hurts him to think about our memories..

    • He may have lingering feelings for you but I don't think those feelings will last. Again, if he wanted to be with you, he would. You can try and get back with him again and it'll be all lovey dovey at first but when that's over I get the feeling that he's going to say it again: He saw no future with you. He's jealous because he wants what he doesn't have. He used to have you, now he doesn't because he's the one that broke up with you. Once he gets back with you he'll end it again like he did before.

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  • Well did he have a reason to why he broke up?

    • He said he no longer saw a future with me

    • Well then, I'm pretty sure as much as you wish you can have a future with him, it's not really possible. If his decision is to leave you because he didn't see a future with you then that usually means he noticed something that he can't live with. Based on his explanation, this is probably an internal problem with your relationship. Maybe he was reminded of something bad while dating you that he remembered. Regardless of what it is, you usually can't change the course of his decision. I suggest getting over him as soon as possible and crush (not to be brutal) any possible hope of him ever contacting you.

    • But he is jealous at other boys and says it hurts him to think about our memories..

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